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The Latest Words • June 19, 2015
AlphaDictionary is constantly adding to its Historical Dictionary of American Slang. We now have over 3000 carefully selected, carefully researched words from English slang going back to 16th century England, slang brought to the America by our ancestors. Our Historical Dictionary of American Slang will tell you the meaning of a slang word, its grammatical category, give an example and the approximate decade in which it was introduced. You can search for a word, a meaning (look at all the ways we have said "leave" over the centuries), or a decade. Just type in the decade you are interested in (e.g. 1950) and the dictionary will tell you all the slang terms introduced during the 50s! Great for authors writing period pieces. You can also test your slang to see which decade it places you in with our Slinging Slang quiz.
Word POS Definition Example Year
battle-ax n (Offensive) Mean old woman. That old battle-ax will never be cool! 1890
la-di-dah adj, int Pretentious, snobbish. Susan Liddy-Gates is a la-di-dah high society lawyer. 1880
la-di-da adj, int Pretentious, snobbish. Vernon is engaged to some la-di-da upscale trophy girl. 1880
lickspittle n A sycophant, toady. Mugsy is a lickspittle who will do anything the boss asks him. 1820
lily-livered adj Cowardly. That lily-livered scoundrel never served a day in the army. 1850
harpy n (Offensive) A nasty, ill-tempered woman. My mother-in-law is a harpy who is always complaining about everything. 1580
slattern n (Offensive) Woman of loose morals, a slut. The street was strewn with slatterns plying their trade. 1630
strumpet n (Offensive) Woman of loose morals. Lucy Lastik is a strumpet who will go out with any man. 1320
tart n Woman of loose morals. Maude Lynn Dresser came to the party in clothes that made her look like a right tart. 1860
madcap adj Crazy. We went out an had a madcap evening at the ballet. 1590
mealy-mouthed adj Hypocritical, cowardly. I don't believe a word that mealy-mouthed devil says. 1570
milksop n A spineless person. That milksop will do anything his wife tells him to do. 1390
mollycoddle v To coddle, spoil. He's the boss's son, so you'd better mollycoddle him. 1860
mooch v To freeload, sponge, cadge. He's like a puppy: feed him once and he'll return to mooch off you all the time. 1850
moocher n A freeloader, sponger, cadger. Lester is a moocher who mooches meals off his sister. 1850
bacon n Money. Heddy Wein brings home the bacon in her family. 1650
bean n The head. The picher threw a bean ball and knocked the batter out. 1900
bean n The least amount. He doesn't know beans about cars. 1830
beans n Crap, nonsense. That's just a lot of beans! 1840
bean n Coin, a bit of money. Could you pick up the check; I don't have a bean on me. 1810