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The Latest Words • November 2013
AlphaDictionary is constantly adding to its Historical Dictionary of American Slang. We now have over 2500 carefully selected, carefully researched words from English slang going back to 16th century England, slang brought to the America by our ancestors. Our Historical Dictionary of American Slang will tell you the meaning of a slang word, its grammatical category, give an example and the approximate decade in which it was introduced. You can search for a word, a meaning (look at all the ways we have said "leave" over the centuries), or a decade. Just type in the decade you are interested in (e.g. 1950) and the dictionary will tell you all the slang terms introduced during the 50s! You can also test your slang to see which decade it places you in with our Slinging Slang quiz.
Word POS Definition Example Year
axe n A musical instrument. My axe is the guitar; what's yours? 1960
grease n A stupid or foolish person. May O'Naise is such a grease! 2000
roid n A steroid user in sports Three home runs in one game? Is he on roids? 1970
port-sider n A left-hander. Lefty is a port-sider that right-handed batters can't hit. 1890
southpaw n A left-hander. Johnny Batts can't hit a southpaw pitcher. 1880
beezer n A nose. Stan took one on the beezer when he told his wife to get him a beer. 1910
stir-crazy adj Crazy for being cooped up. I'm getting stir-crazy lying in bed all day . 1900
croon v To sing (lovesongs) in the lowest range of the voice in a conversation al style Mike Raffone likes to croon a few toons now and then. 1790
crooner n A man who croons. (Bing Crosby was the first crooner.) That raspy-voiced Rusty Horne thinks he's a crooner! 1930
crown v To hit someone over the head. Helen Highwater crowned her old man on the head with a frying pan. 1940
turf n Territory claimed by someone. You're on my turf now; you do as I say. 1950
turf v To force someone out of something. Stedman was turfed out of the club for wearing too much bling. 1880
grease-ball n (Offensive) A dark haired, olive skinned man. Melodie! Why do you go out with that grease-ball? 1980
boombox n A large portable music box. Will you turn your boombox down so we can talk? 1970
ka-ching n The sound of an old-fashioned cash register, much money. I can hear the ka-ching my book is going to bring in now. 1970
ink n Tattooing. Did you see the awesome inks on her shoulder? 2000
conniption n A fit, seizure. Now, Mabeleine, don't have a conniption, but I forgot the laundry. 1830
cabin-fever n Irritability from being indoors without friends too long. I'm getting cabin-fever; I'm going fishing. 1910
grease-monkey n (Offensive) An automobile mechanic. Do you want be a grease-monkey all your life 1920
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