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Re: Dystopia

Postby MTC » Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:10 pm

While you rightfully revile snollygloster politicians in the U.S., Slava, keep in mind that bad as they are, at least we elected them. We have only ourselves to blame. On a good day they can be elected out of office. Here in the PRC politicians are unelected, unaccountable to the people they govern. Hundreds of millions of disenfranchised Chinese stand impotent on the sidelines, wringing their hands while the predatory, self-aggrandizing political class does what it will. I'll take the elected snollyglosters anyday!

P.S. As usual here in the antipodes I find myself alone on the forum, "Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot], MTC and 0 guests." A "Bing [Bot]" does not a person make. Looking straight down the other day it seems to me I might actually have seen Luke's left foot. Not sure about that, though...

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Re: Dystopia

Postby wurdpurrson » Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:23 pm

So will I, MTC. If we don't like what they do, we can at least work hard to effect change with our voting process, without fear of being run down by a tank (so far). I lived many years ago for a short while in Taipei (not nearly so bad as PRC), and all of our mail we received was censored before it was delivered to us. I once got a letter from family that had so much cut out of it I could have used it during the Christmas holidays as a snowflake decoration. Those to whom we wrote also reported unreadable expanses of previously opened mail. So far I haven't experienced that in this country. But I suspect that with the rise of electronic surveillance, that could change. My mail exchanges, though undoubtedly clever, of course, would probably make any snoopers expire from boredom; they're hardly seditious.

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