Repertory, Repertoire

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Repertory, Repertoire

Postby Stargzer » Thu Jan 19, 2006 3:14 am


No, this does not refer to the affliction seemingly suffered by a certain member who has of late been repeating the posting of her past GWOTD suggestions. :wink: However, the homophonic similarities did bring this word to mind. :)

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.


SYLLABICATION: rep·er·to·ry

PRONUNCIATION: rĕp'ər-tôr'ē, -trē

NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. rep·er·to·ries
1. A repertoire. 2a. A theater in which a resident company presents works from a specified repertoire, usually in alternation. b. A repertory company. 3a. A place, such as a storehouse, where a stock of things is kept; a repository. b. Something stored in or as if in such a place; a stock or collection.

ETYMOLOGY: Late Latin repertōrium, from Latin repertus, past participle of reperīre, to find out : re-, re- + parīre, to get, beget; see perə-[sup]1[/sup] in Appendix I.
OTHER FORMS: rep'er·tor'i·al —ADJECTIVE


SYLLABICATION: rep·er·toire

PRONUNCIATION: rĕp'ər-twär'

NOUN: 1. The stock of songs, plays, operas, readings, or other pieces that a player or company is prepared to perform. 2. The class of compositions in a genre: has excellent command of the chanteuse repertoire. 3. The range or number of skills, aptitudes, or special accomplishments of a particular person or group.

ETYMOLOGY: French répertoire, from Old French, from Late Latin repertōrium. See repertory.

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Postby Grogie » Thu Jan 19, 2006 3:39 pm

I wasn,t aware of the third definition of the word ''repertory''. Wonderful to learn it.

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