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Postby KatyBr » Fri Jul 08, 2005 1:06 am

n : the study of language meaning

Source: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (2003-OCT-10)


<theory> The meaning of a string in some language, as opposed
to syntax which describes how symbols may be combined
independent of their meaning.

The semantics of a programming language is a function from
programs to answers. A program is a closed term and, in
practical languages, an answer is a member of the syntactic
category of values. The two main kinds are denotational
semantics and operational semantics.

This was a word we used when talking about usages of words, as In, Let's not argue semantics. I see we were using it incorrectly sigh, all those wasted years.


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Postby Brazilian dude » Thu Jul 14, 2005 2:47 pm

Portuguese: semântica
Spanish: semántica
Italian: semantica
French: sémantique
Catalan: semàntica
Romanian: semantică

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