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Postby eberntson » Mon May 14, 2012 10:04 am

I know, I know it's just food, but because of the Avengers movie it is becoming a new sensation, and I think we might see a lot of movement and evolution around this word. Shawarma is also a cultural sensation in Germany, where it is almost a secret national dish because of the Turkish influence in Berlin and all over Europe. Isn't it worth being a predictor of a trend, this might lead to more central role of this food,. Just watch the Gyro will become mainstream again.

Plus, how often doe we get a word not based in Saxon or Latin.

sha·war·ma (sh-wärm) also shwar·ma (shwär-)
Meat, especially beef, chicken, or lamb, that is roasted slowly on a spit and wrapped in pita bread, traditionally served with lettuce, tomato, and garlic sauce.
[Arabic wurma, wirma, from Turkish çevirme, a turn (as on a spit), meat roasted on a spit, from verbal n. of çevirmek, to turn.]
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Postby Perry Lassiter » Mon May 14, 2012 12:22 pm

In Boy Scouts I was taught to make shish-kabobs by alternating meat, onions, tomatoes, etc on a stick, wrapped in Bisquick made with apple sauce instead of water or milk. (Water is precious in camping.) Cooked over campfire and was excellent. Sounds related.

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