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Use this forum to suggest Good Words for Professor Beard.
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David McWethy
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New Word suggestion

Postby David McWethy » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:09 pm

One of the idiosyncrasies of this web site (that can affectionately be thought of as part of its patina) is the sometimes perplexing choice of nomenclature for the various loci.

The wording above ("Good Word Suggestions" above "POST A NEW TOPIC") is a good example: If one wishes to suggest the consideration of a Good Word then the web page headed "Good Word Suggestions" certainly has a lot going for it.

But there is no "fill in the box" space into which one might type the proposed word before it leaks out of one's Swiss-cheese memory cells. Instead, the submission process slams into a wall of electron bricks when it hits the POST A NEW TOPIC rubric.

"Wait! Wait!”, one might mentally protest, "I don't want to post a new topic! 'Good Word Suggestions' is a perfectly good topic; I have no issue with it--I'd just like to do so"!

So putting my "seriousness" hat on (which always feels too tight) I'll simply suggest that if this is the place where one should suggest Good Words--like "iteration", my choice for today--after the heading Good Word Suggestions there should simply be a box into which the word might be typed. Period. No changing of title horses in the middle of a stream of consciousness.

I now await the judgment of my (many) betters.
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Re: New Word suggestion

Postby Slava » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:09 pm

Not necessary, at least not in my book.

Speaking of books, think of Good Word Suggestions as the title of a book, with the Topics being the Chapters.
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