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Postby M. Henri Day » Wed Sep 14, 2005 5:39 am

Alas, occasions on which the use of this loan from the Jiddisch would be appropriate are all too frequent in the lives of most of us. Note the resemblance to the clade of words in Indo-European languages deriving from the root *angh- ....


also tzu•ris Listen: [ tsǒǒrĭs, tsûr - ]
n. Informal

Trouble; aggravation.

[Yiddish tsores, pl. of tsure, from Hebrew şārâ, from şārar, to become narrow; see şrr in Semitic roots.]
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Postby Flaminius » Wed Sep 14, 2005 1:11 pm

I always derived this word from "tsur", a rock, since a day full of tsuris is likened to a rocky road. But tsur may be derived from a different root. Perhaps it is s.-w-r?
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Postby tcward » Wed Sep 14, 2005 1:28 pm

Can't help but think of sorrow, either...

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Postby Flaminius » Fri Sep 16, 2005 7:34 am

Perhaps sour too?
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