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Postby eberntson » Tue Aug 15, 2006 11:54 am

Growin' Gray.

HELLO, ole man, you 're a-gittin' gray,
An' it beats ole Ned to see the way
'At the crow's feet 's a-getherin' aroun' yore eyes;
Tho' it ought n't to cause me no su'prise,
Fur there 's many a sun 'at you 've seen rise
An' many a one you 've seen go down
Sence yore step was light an' yore hair was
An' storms an' snows have had their way--
Hello, ole man, you 're a-gittin' gray.

Hello, ole man, you 're a-gittin' gray,
An' the youthful pranks 'at you used to play
Are dreams of a far past long ago
That lie in a heart where the fires burn low--
That has lost the flame though it kept the glow,
An' spite of drivin' snow an' storm,
Beats bravely on forever warm.
December holds the place of May--
Hello, ole man, you 're a-gittin' gray.

Hello, ole man, you 're a-gittin' gray--
Who cares what the carpin' youngsters say?
For, after all, when the tale is told,
Love proves if a man is young or old!
Old age can't make the heart grow cold
When it does the will of an honest mind;
When it beats with love fur all mankind;
Then the night but leads to a fairer day--
Hello, ole man, you 're a-gittin' gray!

Palewriter - you are correct that grey can be attractive, but my dismissing it is not a impeachment of it's natural place. I am decrying it because it is use to "white wash" the lack of creativity and bubget in a film/TV series. It's not like they make up for it with better writing.

Fear less, hope more;
eat less, chew more;
whine less, breathe more;
talk less, say more,
and all good things will be yours.
--R. Burns

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