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the 2nd person plural

Postby sluggo » Wed Apr 12, 2006 3:58 pm

Well we all know y'all and youse, but I have a friend (from upstate NY) who insists that on travels through Pennsylvania she hears people use the term "you'uns" or "y'uns". Much as I pride myself on being a well-travelled half-breed DixieYank (YankReb score: 50/50) who grew up in PA, I have never ever heard this one. Anyone else? Variations?

Personally I prefer y'all as the most workable, even though it was foreign to my native land.
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Postby chrissy » Wed Apr 12, 2006 8:01 pm

I grew up with perfect grammar, my mom was strict. I now refuse to use it. I find slang gets far more laughs than proper english. One problem I have is that it is hard for me type slang, I just can't do it. The funniest thing around these parts is when people try to pronounce the county I live in. It is called Ouachita. Try to say it right, most people can't unless they live in or around this county. It is pronounced Wash-itaw. Looks right! The one thing that I find amusing about the way people talk is that what they say and know is right, in their terms. I have a friend who married an Australian and I can't understand a word he says. What really got me was one day I went to eat with her and 5 Australians and she had to translate to me the whole time. That just ain't right, they live in the same town, the same state for that matter, and you find yourself not understanding a fellow Arkansan (in my case). That same day we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and they made fun of how the people working there talk. Instead of saying Coke they said cock. Hope this didn't bore you, thanks for responding.[/b]

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