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Mel Gibson’s Loud Mouth

Mel GibsonThere isn’t much to say about Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic remarks when he was arrested for DUI last Friday.  Claiming that Jews have started all wars was simply idiotic—the sort of statement you would expect from a drunk. It does not show that he is at heart anti-semitic any more than his motion picture, The Passion of Christ does. Drunks say outrageous things that are not necessarily latent feelings that sobriety suppresses. (Freud has long ago been discredited and in vino veritas applies only to Romans.)

As Gibson says in his ostensibly abject apology, public figures must be more careful than mere mortals like the rest of us and he should not have said what he did.  That is obvious.  I see no point in publishing it, either.  He is an actor and director of motion pictures. His views on Jewish history certainly aren’t newsworthy.  His appeal to the Jewish community (whatever that is) to help him in the healing process strikes me more as a gratuitous attempt to put the ball in the Jewish community’s court than evidence of his sincerity.

So why do I bring it up? Well, he said it and any kind of speech is fair game for a language blog.  The question here is one of semantics—what did he actually mean when he made his antisemitic statements?  I have no more idea whether he is antisemitic now than I was before all the hoopla.  And I don’t care so long as he is not actively opposing Jewish interests.

For me, neither his personality nor character is at issue, only the quality of the films he creates. I simply resent his use of the English language to publish this sentiment whether it is sincere or not.  It doesn’t matter who said it.  There is nothing newsworthy in it and it certainly doesn’t deserve repeating.

3 Responses to “Mel Gibson’s Loud Mouth”

  1. mr skin Says:

    Mel sure has gotten weird in his old age. I wonder if he really hates jews? What happened to the cool young Lethal Weapon Mel?

  2. 7oob Says:

    mel gibson’s passion…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

  3. Lloyd R Says:

    Before we can allocate any credibility to what we read about Mel Gibson on the internet maybe we should consider a couple of things.

    Consider the site on which the material appears. If it is a low brow celebrity site that continually publishes unsubstantiated nonsense for the purpose of furthering their own agenda and financial return through sensation and childish dribble perhaps we should not take them seriously. If it is a so called respected site owned by entities intent on crushing the credibility of any party that does not unconditionally support their position perhaps this also should be questioned.

    Maybe we should consider why a person would be making recordings of their partner. After such a short time together it is difficult to see this as anything but a carefully planned manoeuvre. It is very difficult to see the honour of publicly humiliating someone who has made such a large commitment after such a short period of time. What is plainly obvious is that any recordings will provide great benefit to Gibson’s ex partner. It is very convenient that these recordings were released AFTER the minimum time period for qualification of legal rights to financial entitlements. By supporting and/or contributing to such action we erode the moral fibre of society. I am not prepared to believe any part of this nonsense until I see unedited recordings and understand the context under which it occurred. We all have foibles and flaws that if were exposed to public scrutiny would be embarrassing. This is all about money, revenge and very little else.

    The real question is why this and much more derogatory material has been relentlessly poured into the unthinking public ear since Gibson presented a negative perspective on Jewish people. The answer is very simple. The Jewish people own the vast majority of media outlets across the world. It is public record that the Jewish people have for hundreds of years embarked on a vicious and relentless campaign of destruction for any individual, group, entity and nation that does not represent their interests without question. Examples are in abundant supply. Examples such as; Hurst, Kennedy, banking, media, Iran, Iraq, England, France, Germany, America, Cuba, Russia, Egypt and many many many more. If we take a calm and logical look at who the Jewish community has opposed and attacked through history it is evident that this group represents the vast majority of the world. We all condemn racism and persecution however the word racism has become something very different to what it was initially intended. It has become an industry, a facility for censorship and a means for justifying persecution. I believe the Jewish community has effected far more destruction, persecution, manipulation, control, moral erosion and social degradation on the world than any other people, any other nation and any other group. I would like to see this issue logically and publicly debated without censorship however this will always be prevented by the Jewish community and any party attempting to promote public debate will be vilified to the maximum extent possible by the Jewish community or people under their control.

    Coincidentally I have just watched Gibsons latest movie Edge Of Darkness. Before passing comment I ask all people to consider the following. The movie business is almost exclusively owned or controlled by the Jewish community. This has been the case since it’s inception. The opposition to Gibson contributing to this industry in any capacity is enormous. The facilities available to Gibson to produce, market and advertise a movie are very restricted. From this perspective we can’t have anything but profound respect for Gibson’s determination, skill, industry standing and dedication. Simply by releasing this movie David(Gibson) has beaten Goliath(the Jewish community). An underdog of epic proportions has overcome the relentless efforts of an infinitely more powerful persecutor. This was a good movie well worth watching. The movie did not have the polish of a hollywood blockbuster, it started a little slow and the sound could have been better but the plot was very good and the movie was enjoyable. If Gibson had access to the facilities controlled by the Jewish community I am sure the movie would have been more polished and the sound would have been better. Frankly the sound was good enough for me. Congratulations Mel Gibson.

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