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Albanian Tongue Twisters

  • Kupa me kapak kupa pa kapak
    The cup with a lid the cup without a lid
  • Polli pula e Lleshit në kaçile t'leshit.
    The hen of Lleshi laid an egg in a wool basket.
  • Plaka lau pllakat.
    The old woman washed the tiles.
  • I papashaportizuar
    You don't have a passport.
  • Kali, karroca, karroca, karocierri.
    Horse, coach, coach, coachman!
  • E shes thesin, s'e shes thesin.
    I sell the bag, I don't sell the bag.
  • Tri sopata lata, presin tre plepa pleq, i treti plep pak palce kishte pasur.
    Three axe blades (or Three sharp axes), cut three old poplars, the third poplar had little pitch.
  • E shes e s'e shes thesin.
    I sell and (I) don't sell the bag.