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Linguistics Minicourse
Happy Holidays!
US State NamesNames of the US States
A thoroughly researched glossary of the origins of US state names with references. Dr. Goodword read all the reliable material on line, many books written by the experts, and even checked with the leading specialists, including those at the Smithsonian Institute.
Meet the funniest people in Smoketown, PA.At last! Now you can read about all the people who inhabit the mind of Dr. Goodword and turn up in the daily "So What's the Good Word" feature. The names of folks where Dr. Goodword lives are telling double entendres. Click here.
Books that should be written and the authors who should write them.
Miss Spelling's Spelling CenterMiss Spelling's Spelling Bee Center
A real-time Spelling Bee with sound! The complete toolbox to fix all your word problems and prepare you for the National Spelling Bee Contest. Now with 250 often confused English word pairs.