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Take advantage of the relationships and reputation we've forged in this marketplace. Link with us and your products and services will receive the exposure you desire. With rates that are priced conservatively, you receive maximum exposure at minimal cost! Remember, multiple impressions are a key to a successful advertising campaign so reserve space for several months and receive an additional frequency discount. is an educational website with sustained traffic. We have a dozen of our own glossaries, links to thousands of dictionaries and grammars, hundreds of articles on language and speech, one of the more popular language blogs, and a community that meets in our Alpha Agora. You will find on our website the Web's only children's word-of-the-day feature, Goodword Junior, offered through Dr. Goodword's Word Wizard Club. Our game and word fun pages are continually expanding. Our Rebel-Yankee test has been taken by about 5 million visitors and Dr. Beard is constantly cited in the news as one of this country's experts in the field of linguistics.

Traffic to alphaDictionary is currently strong and steady as the graph and table below show.

alphaDictionary traffic

The unique traffic has remained around 350,000 for four straight years, dropping about 10% during the summer months. Additionally, more than 25,000 subscribers around the world receive our daily Good Word and 5,000+ who receive our Good Word Junior mailings. The figures speak for themselves except that we have a churn rate of about 50%, which means new eyes view our pages every day.

Summary by Month 2011
Month Daily Averages Monthly Totals
PVs Visits Uniques PVs Visits Files
Jan 2012 96,143 22,909 375,204 710,203 2,980,458 9,352,391
Dec 2011 89,510 20,932 329,355 648,906 2,774,820 8,157,056
Nov 2011 103,179 24,066 380,866 721,984 3,095,394 9,632,457
Oct 2011 104,282 23,834 390,996 738,858 3,232,767 9,914,596
Sep 2011 104,353 22,935 358,876 688,065 3,130,610 9,629,705
Aug 2011 90,415 20,013 321,640 629,350 2,802,870 8,034,306
Jul 2011 87,772 19,490 298,334 604,200 27,209,51 7,633,146
Jun 2011 87,598 19,525 288,310 585,771 2,627,952 7,352,376
May 2011 81,935 18,867 292,311 584,883 25,40,008 7,365,910
Apr 2011 89,944 20,118 311,630 603,558 26,98,327 7,961,284
Mar 2011 108,597 23,251 383,194 720,794 3,366,532 10,052,133

The Good Word newsletter goes out daily to an audience of 23,000+ that is:
55% Male
45% Female
50% 36 - 55 years old
20% 26 - 35 years old
15% 19-25 years old
74% Income greater than $30,000 per year
77% College Educated

Nationality of Website Visitors
United States 55.3%
India 11.5%
United Kingdom 4.6%
Mexico 4.4%
Canada 3.9%
Iran 3.0%
China 2.6%
Vietnam 2.2%
Australia 2.3%
Germany 2.0%
Egypt 2.0%
Indonesia 2.0%
. . .

We offer front-page only and run-of-the-site (ROS) text ads at the following rates.

Text Ads Price Per Month
Name Length Font size Font weight Location 3 month contract 6 month contract 12 month contract
Text Ad up to 30 chars 12pt normal ROS column $150 $135 $120
Text Ad up to 30 chars 12pt normal One page only $75 $60 $59
Daily e-mail 100 chars 12pt normal HTML/text $150 $135 $120

We also accept banner ads in jpg, gif, png and flash formats at the rates shown in the table below.

Banner Ads
Distribution Size Motion Run Price Per Month
ROS 120x240 stationary 3 month prepaid $150/month
ROS 120x240 rotating 3 month prepaid $100/month
ROS 468x60 stationary 3 month prepaid $200/month
ROS 468x60 rotating 3 month prepaid $175/month
ROS 728x90 stationary 3 month prepaid $250/month
ROS 728x90 rotating 3 month prepaid $200/month
Daily e-mail 468x60 stationary 3 month prepaid $150/month

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