Vive la France!French False Friends
Here is a challenging game that is a lot of fun. If you are learning French, it will also help you distinguish "false friends", those confusing French words that look like English words but mean something entirely different.
Each of the following sentences contains one of those words that look exactly an English word. The sentence itself is a hint as to which word it is. So, here is all you have to do:
  1. Find the word in each sentence that is also a French word;
  2. Write the English translation in the box to the right.
  3. Press the question mark;
  4. Find out if you identified the correct word.

Good luck.
Find the French Word Translate Check Right or Wrong?
Example. Where did Pierre find a coin while strolling along the streets of Paris?
1. What is such a pain for Pierre to find when he travels in China?
2. Who does Marcelle chat with when he has no visitors?
3. What was Lance writing when he found a piece of paper under the chair?
4. Where did Ferdinand put the corsage he bought Lucille at the florist's?
5. What was wrong with the court yard behind Francine's house?
6. What did Cramer do to his shirt when he was ironing it?
7. What did Seymour put a dent in the plastic cup with?
8. What does Reggie have four of in his bakery?
9. One of Dede's habits is to take what to the laundry every Wednesday?
10. What was so bad that it kept the temps from showing up at work?
11. Which part of the crane hit the limb above her nest when she flew away?
12. Where does Johnnie think it pays to live in France?
13. What did Melanie use instead of a crayon to write her name on the picture?
14. What did Claude put his icecream in after he played his cornet?
15. Which part of Gretchen's body was the main object of her concern?
16. What was the big-eyed cow doing by the manger?
17. What color rouge does Evelyn prefer with her new dress?
18. How many bags of money did the police seize from the robbers?
19. What did Nelson's son make that gave away his hidaway?
20. What made the use of a vent unnecessary in Melvin's beach house?

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