Deutschland!German False Friends
Here is a challenging game that is a lot of fun. If you are learning German, it will also help you distinguish "false friends" (false cognates), those confusing German words that look like English words but mean something entirely different.
Each of the following sentences contains one of those words that look exactly an English word. The sentence itself is a hint as to which word it is. So, here is all you have to do:
  1. Find the word in each sentence that is also a German word;
  2. Write the English translation in the box to the right.
  3. Press the question mark;
  4. Find out if you identified the correct word.

Good luck.
Find the German Word Translate Check Right or Wrong?
Example. What was the only bad thing in the hotel Otto stayed in?
1. Dick couldn't bite the sandwich because it was too what?
2. Who was kind to Ursula when she lost her purse?
3. What did Franz forget when he left the hut with his friends?
4. What did Gerhardt drink before approaching the bier of his dear departed uncle?
5. What became wetter as the day wore on?
6. Renate drove very fast to the wedding. Did she make it?
7. What did the gift that the witch left for Gretchen have in it?
8. What destroyed Kristin and Karl's brand new house?
9. What was Hans spreading on his field despite the heavy morning mist?
10. Gertrude is a rotten rat but she gives good what?
11. What kind of book does Roman prefer to read above all others?
12. What did the Schultz family see on vacation this summer?
13. What is handy to have when you need to call someone from your car?
14. What did Willi wet when he dropped the hose this morning?
15. How did the big bang make Fritz feel?
16. What was the size of that utterly gross garage Johann built for himself?
17. If Ludwig's new house cost Werner an arm and a leg, how did it leave him?
18. What did Marina find behind a rock in the park?
19. What was the wink that Heinrich gave Annigrette supposed to be?
20. What was Gunnar wearing when he was smoking last night?

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