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Deriving New Words from Old

Here are some English words that other words may be derived from. See if you can figure out the form, that is, the correct affix of each derivation. (The first is a freebie.) Look at the word to the left, next look at the meaning the derivation will have, then type in the English derivation with the correct affix (prefix or suffix). When you have written in the derivation, push the button to see if you derived the word correctly.

Deriving Words in English
Stem Derived Meaning Derivation Check Correct
Work Someone who works
Read Can be read
Water Like water
Stimulate Agent for stimulating
Carve A thing that is carved
Efficient Quality of being efficent
Eat Place where you can eat
Able Quality of being able
Cute More cute
Fuse Fuse, the process
Make Make again

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