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Corrected List of Manias

Our list of manias was created from the corrected list of phobias by simply replacing phobia with mania. Theoretically, this should work, although there are some things that we usually don't love. This does not mean that the mania word is not possible, so we have simply generated the list to remind ourselves that obsessive love is as real a potential human condition as obsessive fear. For a longer discussion of what we have done, click here.

A person suffering from a mania is a -maniac, e.g. kleptomaniac, blogomaniac, dipsomania. The adjective describing these conditions is -manic, e.g. kleptomanic, blogomanic, dipsomanic. You may convert the adjectives into adverbs by simply adding -al-ly.

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Mania Uncontrolable Obsession for
• A •
ablutomania washing or bathing
acaromania itching
aceromania sourness or sour things
achluomania darkness
acousticomania noise
acromania heights, high places
aeroacromania open high places
aeronauseomania airsickness
aeromania air or drafts
agateomania insanity
agoramania open or public places
agathomania kindness
agriozoomania wild animals
agyromania streets or crossing them
aichmomania sharp or pointed objects
ailuromania cats
albuminuromania albumen in the urine or kidney disease
alektoromania roosters or chickens
algomania pain
alliomania garlic (Latinized; see scorodomania)
allodoxamania different opinions
altomania heights, high places (Latinized; see acromania)
amathomania dust
amaxomania riding in a car or wagon
ambulomania walking
amnesiomania forgetting
amychomania being scratched
anablemania looking up
andromania men
anemomania wind or drafts
anginomania angina, choking tightness
Anglomania things English
ankylomania immobility of a joint
anthomania flowers
anthropomania people or society
antlomania floods
anuptomania staying single
apeiromania infinity
aphenomania riches, wealth
apiomania bees
apotemnomania persons with amputations
arachibutyromania peanut butter sticking in your mouth
arachnemania spiders (See also arachnomania)
arachnomania spiders (See also arachnemania)
arithmomania numbers
astromania stars or celestial space
asymmetromania asymmetrical things
ataxiomania loss of muscular coordination
ataxomania disorder or untidiness
atelomania imperfection
atemania ruin or ruins
athazagoramania forgetfulness or being forgotton
atomosomania atomic explosions
atychimania failure or misfortune
augomania bright lights, glare, sunlight
aulomania flutes
auromania gold
auroromania the Northern Lights
autodysomomania bad odors or people with them
automatonomania automatons
automysomania being dirty
automania solitude, being alone
aviatomania flying (See also aviomania)
aviomania flying (See also aviatomania)
• B •
bacillomania microbes
bacteriomania bacteria
ballistomania missiles, including bullets
baromania gravity
basimania falling or being unable to stand
bathymania depth or deep water
batrachomania amphibians, such as frogs
belonemania sharp, pointed objects (See also aichmomania)
Beatlemania The Beatles
bibliomania books
biomania nature
blennomania slime
blogomania blogs and writing them
Bolshemania Bolsheviks
botanomania plants
bromidromania body smells (Questionable; see also bromidrosimania)
bromidrosimania body smells (Questionable; see also bromidromania)
brontomania thunder and lightning
bufonomania toads
• C •
cacomania ugliness
cainomania newness, novelty, change (See also cainotomania)
cainotomania newness, novelty, change (See also cainomania)
caligynemania beautiful women
canceromania cancer (Better: carcinomania)
carcinomania cancer (Preferable to canceromania)
cardiomania heart, the
carnomania meat
catagelomania being ridiculed
catapedomania jumping
cathisomania sitting
catoptromania mirrors
cenomania empty spaces
centomania new things or ideas
ceraunomania thunder and lightning
chaetomania hair
cheimatomania the cold or cold things
chemomania chemicals
cheromania gaiety
chionomania snow
chiraptomania being touched
chiromania hands
choleromania anger or cholera
choromania dancing
chromatomania colors
chrometomania money
chronomentromania clocks
chronomania time
cibomania food
cibomania food (See also Sitomania, Sitiomania)
claustromania confinement
cleptomania stealing (see kleptomania)
cleithromania being enclosed (See also clithromania)
clinomania going to bed
clithromania being enclosed
cnidomania stings
coimetromania cemeteries
coitomania sex or sexual relations
cometomania comets
contreltomania sexual abuse
coprastasomania constipation
copromania feces
coulromania clowns
countermania fearful situations
cremnomania cliffs and precipices
cryomania extreme cold, ice or frost
crystallomania crystals or glass
cybermania Internet, the
cyclomania cycles or bicycles
cymomania waves or waviness
cynomania dogs or rabies
cyprianomania prostitutes or venereal disease
cypridomania venereal disease
cyprinomania prostitutes
• D •
daimonomania ghosts or demons
decalcomania decals
defecaloesiomania painful bowels movements
deipnomania dining
dementomania insanity
demonomania ghosts or demons
demomania people
dendromania trees
dentomania dentists or dentistry
dermatomania skin disease (See also dermatosiomania)
dermatosiomania skin disease (See also dermatomania)
dextromania things on the right
diabetomania diabetes
didaskaleinomania going to school
dikemania justice, lawsuits
dinomania dizziness or whirlpools
diplomania double vision
dipsomania drinking (spirits. alcohol)
dishabiliomania undressing in front of someone
dontomania teeth
doromania fur animal skins
doxomania opinions or praise
drapetomania running away from home
dromomania the road: travel, wandering, journeys
dysmorphomania physical deformity
dystychimania accidents
• E •
ecclesiomania church
ecomania the home or houses (See also oikomania)
eisoptromania mirrors
electromania electricity
eleutheromania freedom
emetomania vomiting
enetomania pins
enissomania attack or criticism
enochlomania crowds
entomomania insects
eosomania dawn or daylight
ephebomania teenagers
epistaxiomania nosebleeds
epistemomania knowledge
equinomania horses (Better hippomania)
eremomania being oneself or of loneliness
ereuthomania red or anything red (See also erythromania, erytomania)
ergasiomania work or functioning
ergomania work
eromania love, love-making
erotomania the erotic, eroticism
erythromania red or anything red (See also erytomania, ereuthomania)
erytomania red or anything red (See also erythromania, ereuthomania)
eumania goodness or things good
eurotomania female private parts
• F •
febrimania fever (See also fibriomania)
fibriomania fever (See also febrimania)
Francomania things French (See also Gallomania, Galiomania)
frigomania cold or cold things
• G •
Gallomania things French (See also Francomania, Galiomania)
gamomania marriage
geliomania laughter
geniomania chins
genomania sex
genumania knees
gephyromania crossing bridges
gerascomania growing old
germanomania germany or german culture
gerontomania old people
geumomania taste
glossomania language or speaking
gnosiomania knowledge
goetomania witches and witchcraft
graphomania writing or script
gymnomania nudity
gynemania women
• H •
hademania hell (See also stygiomania)
hagiomania saints or holy things
hamartomania sinning or sin
haphemania being touched
haptemania being touched (See also haphemania)
harpaxomania being robbed
hedonomania feeling pleasure
heliomania the sun or sunlight
Hellenologomania Greek words or scientific terms
Hellenomania things Greek
helminthomania worms
hematomania blood
hemomania blood
hereiomania challenges to official doctrine
herpetomania reptiles
heteromania the opposite sex
hieromania priests or sacred things
hippomania horses (Better than equinomania)
hobomania bums or beggars (Joke)
hodomania road travel
homichlomania fog
homilomania sermons
homomania homosexuals or homosexuality
homomania people
homomania sameness
hoplomania firearms
hormemania shock
hyalomania glass (See also hyelomania)
hydrargyomania mercurial medicines
hydromania water or rabies
hydrophobomania rabies
hyelomania glass (See also hyalomania)
hygromania liquid or moisture
hygromania liquids, dampness, or moisture
hylemania materialism or epilepsy
hylomania forests
hypegiamania responsibility
hypengyomania responsibility
hypnomania sleep or hypnosis
hypsomania height
iatromania doctors
• I •
ichthyomania fish
iconomania pictures or images
ideomania ideas
illyngomania vertigo
insectomania insects
iomania poison
Islamomania Islam
isolomania solitude, being alone
isopteromania termites
• J •
Japanomania things Japanese
Judeomania Jews
• K •
kainomania novelty, innovation
kainotomania change
kakorrhaphiomania failure or defeat
katagelomania ridicule
kathisomania sitting down
kenomania empty spaces
keraunomania thunder and lightning (See also ceraunomania)
kinesomania movement or motion (See also kinetomania)
kinetomania movement or motion (See also kinesomania)
kleptomania stealing
koinonimania rooms
kolpomania private parts, particularly female
koniomania dust (See also amathomania)
kopomania fatigue
kosmomania cosmos, cosmic phenomena
kymomania waves or undulation (See also cymomania)
kynomania dogs or rabies
kyphomania stooping
• L •
lachanomania vegetables
laliomania speaking (See also lalomania)
lalomania speaking (Peferable to laliomania)
lepromania leprosy
leukomania white, the color
ligyromania loud or shrill noises
lilapsomania tornadoes and hurricanes
limnomania lakes
linonomania string
litigomania law suits (See also dikomania)
logizomechanomania computers
logomania words (Better than verbomania)
loutromania washing or bathing
luimania lues, syphillis
lutramania otters
lygomania darkness
lyssomania rabies or madness
• M •
macromania long waits
mageirocomania cooking
maieusiomania childbirth
malaxomania softening, softness
maniamania insanity
mastigomania punishment
mechanomania machines
megalomania large things
melanomania black, the color
melissomania bees
melomania music
meningitomania brain disease
menomania menstruation
merinthomania being tied up
metallomania metal
metathesiomania changes
meteoromania meteors
methymania alcohol
metromania poetry
microbiomania microbes (See also bacillomania)
micromania small things
misomania hatred
mnemomania memories
molysmomania contamination
monopathomania single disease
monomania solitude or being alone
motoromania motors
musculomania muscles
musomania mice or muscles
mycomania mushrooms
mycromania small things
myrmecomania ants
mysomania dirt or germs
mythomania myths or gossip
myxomania slime (See also blennomania)
• N •
nebulamania fog (See also homichlomania)
necromania death or dead things
negromania Africans or African Americans
nelomania glass
neopharmamania new drugs
neomania anything new
nephomania clouds
noctimania the night (Better nyctomania)
nomatomania names
nomomania cellphones
nosocomemania hospitals
nosomania illness or disease
nostomania returning home
novercamania your stepmother or stepmothers
nucleomitomania nuclear weapons
nudomania nudity
numeromania numbers
nyctohylomania forests at night
nyctomania night, dark (Better than noctimania)
nymphomania sex (said of women)
• O •
obesomania obesity
ochlomania crowds or mobs
ochomania vehicles
octomania 8, the figure or number
odontomania teeth or dentistry
odynemania pain (See also agliomania)
oenomania wines
oikomania the home or houses (See also ecomania)
olfactomania smells
ombromania rain
ommatomania eyes (See also ommetamania)
ommetamania eyes (See also ommatamania)
oneirogmomania wet dreams
oneiromania dreams
onomatomania words or a certain word
ophidiomania snakes
ophthalmomania being stared or looked at
opiomania medicine
optomania opening one's eyes
ornithomania birds
orthomania property
osmomania smells or odors (See also osphresiomania)
osphresiomania smells or odors (See also osmomania)
ostraconomania shellfish
ouranomania heaven (See also uranomania)
• P •
paedomania children or dolls (See also pedomania)
pagomania ice or frost
panomania everything (See also pantomania)
panthomania suffering and disease
pantomania everything (See also panomania)
papamania the Pope
papyromania paper
paralipomania neglecting duty or responsibility
paramania sexual perversion
parasitomania parasites
paraskavedekatriamania Friday the 13th (Joke)
parthenomania young girls
parturimania childbirth
pathomania disease
patroiomania heredity
peccatomania sinning or crimes
pediculomania lice
pediomania dolls
pedomania children or dolls (See also paedomania)
peladomania bald people
pellagromania pellagra
peniamania poverty
pentheromania your mother-in-law or mother-in-laws (See also novercamania)
phagomania eating or of being eaten
phalacromania becoming bald
phallomania penis, esp erect
pharmacomania drugs or medicines
phasmomania ghosts
phengomania daylight or sunshine
philematomania kissing
philemomania kissing
philomania affection, kindness.
philosomania philosophy, learning
phallainomania whales
phobomania fear or manias
phonomania sounds, voices, or telephones
photomania light
phronemomania thinking
phtheiromania lice
phthisiomania tuberculosis
placomania tombstones
plutomania wealth
pluviomania rain
pneumatomania spirits
pnigeromania choking of being smothered (See also pnigomania)
pnigomania choking of being smothered (See also pnigeromania)
pogomania beards
poinemania punishment
poliomania poliomyelitis or gray, the color
politicomania politics or politicians
polymania many things
ponomania overworking or of pain
pornomania pornography
pornographomania pornography
porphyromania purple, the color
potamomania rivers or running water
potomania alcohol or drinking
proctomania rectums
prosomania progress
psellismomania stuttering
psychomania mind
psychromania cold (See also frigomania)
pteridomania ferns
pteromania feathers or being tickled by them; birds
pupamania puppets
pyrexiomania fever
pyromania fire
• R •
radiomania radiation, x-rays, or radios
ranomania frogs
rhabdomania switch, the rod, or punishment
rhypomania defecation
rhytomania wrinkles or getting wrinkles
rupomania dirt
Russomania russians
• S •
samhainomania halloween (Joke)
sarmassomania love play (Questionable word)
Satanomania Satan
scabiomania scabies
scatomania fecal matter
scelerophibia evil, evil people
sciomania shadows
scolecimania worms
scolionomania school
scopomania being looked at
scorodomania garlic (Better than alliumomania)
scotomania darkness (See also achluomania, nychtomania)
scriptomania writing in public
selachomania sharks
selamania light flashes
selenomania the moon
seplomania decaying matter
sesquipedalomania long words
sexomania sex
siderodromomania trains, railroads or train travel
sideromania iron or steel
sinistromania things to the left or left-handedness
sinomania things Chinese
sitiomania food (See also cibomania)
scorodomania garlic (Better than alliummania)
soceromania parents-in-law
sociomania society or people in general
somnemania sleep or dreams
sophomania wisdom or learning
spermatomania germs (See also spermomania)
spermomania germs (See also spermatomania)
sphekomania wasps
stasemania standing or walking (ambulomania)
stauromania crosses or the crucifix
stenomania narrow things or places
stygiomania hell (See also Latinized hademania)
symbolomania symbolism
symmetromania symmetry
syngeneamania relatives
syphilomania syphilis
• T •
tachomania speed
taeniomania tapeworms (See also teniomania)
taphemania of cemeteries or of being buried alive
tapinomania being contagious
tauromania bulls
technomania technology
teleomania definite plans
telephonomania telephones
teniomania tapeworms (See also taeniomania)
teratomania monsters or deformities
testomania tests, taking tests (Joke)
tetanomania lockjaw, tetanus
Teutomania Germans or things German
textomania certain fabrics
thassomania sitting
thalassomania sea, ocean
thanatomania death or dying
theatromania theatres
theologomania theology or religious study
theomania gods or religion
thermomania heat
tocomania pregnancy or childbirth
tomomania surgical operations
topomania performing in certain places
toxomania poison or being poisoned
traumatomania injury
tremomania trembling
trichinomania trichinosis
trichopathomania hair disorders
trichomania hair
trichotillomania pulling the hair out
triskaidekamania the number 13 (Joke)
tropomania changes
trypanomania injections
tuberculomania tuberculosis
typhlomania blindness
tyrannomania tyrants
• U •
uranomania heaven (See also ouranomania)
uromania urine or urination
• V •
vaccinomania injections or vaccination
venusomania beautiful women (Joke)
verbomania words (Latinized; see logomania)
verminomania germs
vestimania clothing
vitricomania stepfather
• W •
Walloonomania Walloons
wiccomania witches and witchcraft (Joke; see gaetomania)
• X •
xanthomania yellow, the color
xenoglossomania foreign languages
xenomania strangers or foreigners
xeromania dryness
xeroxomania paper copies (Joke)
xylomania wood or forests
xyromania razors
• Z •
zelomania jealousy
zemmomania the great mole rat (Joke)
zoomania animals