Rhyming Compounds

Alphabetical Order

This page contains alphaDictionary's current glossary of rhyming compounds organized in alphabetical order. Asterisks mark the latest additions to our ever-growing glossary. For details, read Dr. Goodword's essay on sing-songy rhyming compounds in English. Click here for the same glossary listed by category.
English Rhyming Compounds
Word Definition Type
argle-bargle Argument or fight Rhyming
artsy-fartsy Fake-art Rhyming
backpack Satchel carried on back Rhyming
bigwig Important person Rhyming
black-jack Card game Rhyming
bogo Buy one, get one (free) Rhyming
boogie-woogie Fast jazz dance Rhyming
boob tube Television set Rhyming
bric-a-brac Cheap decorative objects Alliterative
candy-shmandy Candy my eye! SH-Rule
car-shmar Car my eye! SH-Rule
cha-ching The sound of a cash register. Alliterative
chit-chat Idle talk Alliterative
chitter-chatter Idle talk Alliterative
chug-a-lug To drink down in one swallow Rhyming
claptrap Cheap talk Rhyming
clickety-clack Heavy clicking Complex
cock-a-doodle-doo Rooster sound Complex
cock-a-leekie Chicken-leek soup Complex
Coco French nickname Duplicative
couscous Steamed semolina Duplicative
creepy-crawly A small flightless frightening creature Alliterative
crisscross To move back & forth Alliterative
dadaism Absurdist art Duplicative
dilly-dally Dawdle, move slowly Alliterative
dingaling Bell sound; foolish person Complex
ding-dong Bell sound Alliterative
doodad Trinket Alliterative
fancy-shmancy Fancy my eye! SH-Rule
fast track Expedited service Rhyming
fiddle-faddle Nonsense Alliterative
Fifi French nickname Duplicative
fishy-shmishy Fishy my eye! SH-Rule
flibbertigibbet A talkative airhead Complex
flim-flam Con game Alliterative
flip-flop Thong slippers, change of mind Alliterative
flotsam-jetsam Sea garbage Alliterative
fribble-frabble Nonsense Alliterative
frou-frou Fussy stuff added to attire Duplicative
fuddy-duddy Old-fashioned person Rhyming
fuss budget Fussy person Complex
gibble-gabble Nonsense talk, drivel Alliterative
Gigi French nickname Duplicative
gogo Fast paced (music) Duplicative
goo-goo Baby talk. Duplicative
goody-goody A smugly or affectedly virtuous person. Duplicative
ha-ha Normal laugh Duplicative
handy-dandy Quite useful Rhyming
hanky-panky Questionable activity Rhyming
heebie-jeebies Chills of fright Rhyming
hee-haw Mule sound Alliterative
hee-hee High-pitched laugh Duplicative
he-he Conniving laugh Duplicative
helter-skelter in all directions Rhyming
hi-fi High quality sound Rhyming
higgledy-piggledy Disorganized Rhyming
hip-hop Chanting music Alliterative
hippety-hop Hopping Complex
hobnob Hang around with Rhyming
hocus-pocus Trickery Rhyming
ho-ho Deep laugh Duplicative
hoi-poloi Ordinary people Rhyming
hoity-toity Showing off Rhyming
hokey-pokey Dance, ice cream Rhyming
holus-bolus All together Rhyming
honky-tonk Sleazy saloon Rhyming
hootchy-kootchy Erotic dance Rhyming
hotshot Important person Rhyming
hubba-hubba Disparaging salute to women Duplicative
hubble-bubble Noisy confusion of sounds Rhyming
hubbly-bubbly Hookah Rhyming
hugger-mugger Secrecy; in secret Rhyming
hubbub Noisy confusion of sounds Rhyming
humdrum Boringly routine. Rhyming
Humpty-Dumpty Nursery rhyme name (egg) Rhyming
hunky-dory OK, alright Complex
hurdy-gurdy Cranked musical instrument Rhyming
hurly-burly Tumult, bustle, confusion Rhyming
itsy-bitsy Very, very little Rhyming
itty-bitty Very, very little Rhyming
jelly belly Protruding stomach Rhyming
jiggery-pokery Trickery Complex
jim-jams Pajamas; the jitters (archaic) Alliterative
jingle-jangle Sound of metallic pieces Alliterative
Ju-jubes Commercial candy name Rhyming
KitKat Commercial candy name Alliterative
kitty-cat A cat Alliterative
klip-klop Sound of hooves Alliterative
knick-knack Trinket Alliterative
legal beagle Agressive lawyer Rhyming
lickety-split Fast Complex
linsey-woolsey Coarse wool fabric Complex
litty-bitty Very, very little Rhyming
loosey-goosey Very relaxed Rhyming
lovey-dovey Affectionate(ly) Rhyming
mau-mau To terrorize Duplicative
miminy-piminy Prim and proper Rhyming
Mimi French nickname Duplicative
moo-juice Milk Complex
mumbo-jumbo Unintelligible speech Rhyming
nid-nod Nod repeatedly Alliterative
niddle-noddle Nod unsteadily Alliterative
nightlight Small electric light Rhyming
niminy-piminy Prim and proper Rhyming
nitty-gritty The details of the essence Rhyming
nitwit Dumb person Rhyming
nolens-volens Like it or not Rhyming
okey-dokey OK Rhyming
oops-a-daisey Exclamation for a fall or lifting Complex
pall-mall Old stick-and-ball game Rhyming
palsy-walsy Suspiciously friendly Rhyming
peewee Very small Alliterative
pell-mell In a rush Rhyming
pish-posh! Nonsense Alliterative
Pit-Pat TV show character Alliterative
pitter-patter Sound of little feet Alliterative
poo-poo Poop Duplicative
pooh-pooh Dismiss as trivial Duplicative
pooper-scooper Pet dropping scoop Rhyming
prime time TV programming 8 to 11 PM Rhyming
prittle-prattle Idle chatter, babble Alliterative
raggle-taggle Strangely mixed Rhyming
ragtag Ragged, disorganized Rhyming
ratta-tat(-tat) Drum roll, drum sound Rhyming
razzle-dazzle Showiness Rhyming
razzmatazz Dazzling display Complex
rickrack Zigzag trim for clothing Alliterative
riff-raff Low life, worthless people Alliterative
roly-poly Round Rhyming
roister-doister Loud-mouth, cut-up, show-off Rhyming
rooty-toot(-toot) Sound of brass instrument Rhyming
salary-shmalary Salary my eye! SH-Rule
Scooby-Doo The name of a cartoon dog. Rhyming
seesaw A teeter-totter; to go back and forth Alliterative
shilly-shally Delay, lag behind Rhyming
silly Willy Casual nickname Rhyming
sing-song Boringly monotonic Rhyming
slangwhang Rant nonsense Rhyming
slap-happy Crazy happy; dizzy from beatings Complex
slo-mo Slow motion (movies) Rhyming
Soho Area of London Rhyming
tee-hee High pitched laugh Rhyming
teeter-totter Wobble; a see-saw Alliterative
Tex-Mex Texas-Mexican Rhyming
tick-tock Sound of an old clock Alliterative
tipsy-topsy Head over heels Alliterative
tittle-tattle Idle chatter Alliterative
topsy-turvy Confused Complex
tutti-frutti Italian ice cream flavor Rhyming
twiddle-twaddle Gab, superficial talk Alliterative
Tweedledum & Tweedledee Two things virtually identical Alliterative
voodoo Caribbean magic Rhyming
walkie-talkie Two-way hand-held portable radio. Rhyming
wiggle-waggle Waggling back and forth Alliterative
whipper-snapper An upstart Alliterative
whing-ding Wild party Rhyming
whirly-bird Helicopter Complex
wing-ding Wild party Rhyming
wi-fi Wideband wireless network Rhyming
willy-nilly Like it or not; randomly Rhyming
wishy-washy Indecisive, vacillating Alliterative
yadda-yadda-yadda Etc., chatter, verbiage Duplicative
yackety-yack Droning chatter Complex
zig-zag Move back and forth Alliterative
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