¡Viva Espania!Spanish False Friends
Here is a challenging game that is a lot of fun. If you are learning Spanish, it will also help you distinguish "false friends" (false cognates), those confusing Spanish words that look like English words but mean something entirely different.
Each of the following sentences contains one of those words that look exactly an English word. The sentence itself is a hint as to which word it is. So, here is all you have to do:
  1. Find the word in each sentence that is also a Spanish word;
  2. Write the English translation in the box to the right.
  3. Press the question mark;
  4. Find out if you identified the correct word.

Good luck.
Find the Spanish Word Translate Check Right or Wrong?
Example. What kind of voice did Matilda have that made her a bad alto singer?
1. What did Julio think the Sierra Madre looked like?
2. What does mama cook papa for supper every night?
3. What did they spread all over the floor of the arena?
4. What did Shiela wear under the collar of her blouse?
5. Is the mayor older or younger than his assistant?
6. What is Rico's financial status? He is _____.
7. What did Rosa mess up by cooking it in a pan?
8. Harvey once found how many mushrooms in his back yard?
9. What did Pedro drop a piece of pie on?
10. What does Manuel do when he manages to come to Esteban's house?
11. What kind of book does Roman love to read most of all?
12. Under what kind of tree did Manuel sit to mix his sauce?
13. What was Paco Marino when he served in the military?
14. What will Pedro do with the paint after he puts away the paint remover?
15. What was on Amanda's agenda to write in that night?
16. What did the media criticize the movie star for?
17. What was so wrong with George's apples that made him destroy an acre of them?
18. What was wrong with Juan that led him to his ruin?
19. What did Jose catch fish with that was red?
20. Paulo is rather formal but he is also what?

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