Are You a Rebel or a Yankee?Here is what everyone has been asking for: The Advanced Rebel-Yankee Test! 20 more questions that delve even more deeply into the variations in American speech. The new test is based on comments and suggestions made by the 3000 people who wrote us about the first test. We hope this test incorporates your favorite accent feature.

To find out how much Southern blood your speech shows, simply choose the words below that you or the people in your region use, then press "Compute My Score!" at the end. alphaDictionary will tell you where you're coming from and how much of the Yankee or Southerner is in you. As with the beginner's test, the higher your score, the deeper from the South you are coming.

  1. What is the resort area along the ocean called?
    • The shore.
    • The beach.
    • The coast.
    • The surf.
  2. What is your regular word for the thing you push around the supermarket?
    • A (shopping) buggy.
    • A (shopping) cart.
    • A (shopping) trolley.
    • A (shopping) basket.
  3. Which phrase sounds more natural to you?
    • Very big.
    • Mighty big.
    • Wicked big.
    • Awfully big.
  4. How would you indicate something far in the distance?
    • Way over there.
    • Over yonder.
  5. How would you indicate that you are about to leave?
    • I'm getting ready to go.
    • I'm fixing to go.
  6. How do you or the people in your area greet others?
    • How are you?
    • How do you do?
    • Howdy or Howdy do!
    • Hi-ya! or Hi, there!
  7. How do you pronounce "syrup"?
    • si-rup
    • Surp or surrup
    • si-rip
  8. What do you pack for travel?
    • A suitcase.
    • A bag.
    • A valise.
    • My spouse packs for me.
  9. When you look for something among many other things, do you
    • rummage through them?
    • plunder through them?
    • just get frustrated?
  10. A bouquet of flowers is
    • pretty.
    • purty.
    • purdy.

Also a great birthday or anniversary gift.

  1. What do you call the belt-like piece of rubber for holding things together?
    • A rubber band
    • An elastic or just 'lastic
    • A gum or gummy band
  2. How do you or the folks where you live pronounce "water"?
    • ward-er
    • watter
    • wattuh
    • waw-duh
  3. How do people in the area where you grew up pronounce oil?
    • AW-wee-yul
    • OH-wuhl
    • erl
    • all or awl
  4. What the folks in your neighborhood call a great example of something?
    • A corker.
    • A doozie.
    • A humdinger.
    • Da bomb.
  5. My new riding lawn mower runs . . .
    • really well.
    • really good.
    • real good.
  6. What is the drink made from ice cream and milk churned together?
    • A frappe.
    • A cabinet.
    • A malted.
    • A milkshake.
  7. Do you generally . . .
    • mow the lawn?
    • cut the grass?
    • mow the grass?
    • cut the lawn?
  8. What do people in your area draw water from?
    • The faucet?
    • The spigot ("spicket")?
    • The tap?
  9. How do you pronounce "Monday"?
    • Monday.
    • Mondy.
    • Lunes.
  10. How do you pronounce "insurance"?
    • inSURance.
    • INsurance.
    • What is insurance?

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