Synaesthetic idiom formation

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Postby anders » Tue May 17, 2005 1:35 pm

Brazilian dude wrote:What do you think of esfriar a guerra fria, cool the cold war?

Well, I applaud that case of language (ab)use. OTOH, I just don't understand people who, like the author of a recent book I had to read for Religious studies 101, credit JP II and Pres. Reagan with the demise of the USSR. The reasons I find are 1) that the USSR allowed itself to get lost in an arms race spiral, destroying the finances of the union, and 2) the actions of President Nikita Khrushchev (however you spell it, and whether he planned it or not).

I find an eerie parallell in the USAian claims that the US saved Europe from Hitler's Germany. I fully acknowledge the efforts of Australia, New Zealand and the USofA in driving in the final nail, but which country suffered the most and contributed the most to the final result? No question about it: the USSR.

So that you don't "misunderestimate" or misunderstand me too much, I have always (for more than 40 years now, come to think of it) voted as far away from Commies and/or Social Democrats as possible here in Sweden. I attack socialist views or principles whenever I can.
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