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Duck Tape

Postby Stargzer » Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:32 pm

Gail's inaugural entry in the Gaffers thread had a link to a Wikipedia article on Duct Tape, in which I found this quote:
Duct tape is found in many people's tool kits. Its versatility and holding power are evidenced by its humorous nickname in engineering circles: "the ultimate material." Another frequent joke (referenced below) is that a handyman needs only two tools: duct tape for "sticking" and the lubricant WD-40 for "unsticking".

NASA engineers' faith in duct tape as an emergency tool was rewarded in 1970, when the square carbon dioxide filters from Apollo 13's failed command module had to be modified to fit round receptacles in the lunar module, which was being used as a lifeboat after an explosion en route to the moon. Engineers designed a workaround using duct tape and other items on board Apollo 13, relaying directions to the spacecraft's crew. The lunar module CO2 scrubbers started working again, saving the lives of the three astronauts onboard.

Ed Smylie, one of the NASA mission control engineers who designed the scrubber modification in just two days, said later that he knew the problem was solvable when it was confirmed that duct tape was on the spacecraft: "I felt like we were home free" he said in 2005. "One thing a Southern boy will never say is 'I don't think duct tape will fix it'."
On the other hand, for a permanent repair, ask a boater about Marine-Tex Epoxy Putty. :-)

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Postby Huny » Thu Jul 20, 2006 12:30 am

My husband, the eternal tinkerer, and I got into a war of words once over a home repair project and I told him to shut up. His reply was, "make me". I said nothing, but just stared at what was in the toolbox in front of us. He asked me what I was staring at then followed my gaze to the roll of duct tape lying on top. I told him I was good with tinkering, too. :twisted: BTW: Does anyone have any duct tape I can borrow? I can't seem to find mine...
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