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Postby Slava » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:59 am

Oddly enough, not related to the maundy of Maundy Thursday. Here's a wee list of words related to maunder:

gibber, mutter, clack, piffle, tattle, palaver, twaddle, gabble, mumble, maffle, mussitate, tittle-tattle, blabber, chatter, prate, prattle, copplestone, cullis, dodkin, gilliver, smeath, whiskin, worral, spurway, noakes, dowle, sowter, laughton, langridge, conchie, smeeth, jowett, bawden, geering, keech, fabricius, pargeter, hellier, millier, vivers, springall, backhouse, catling, cudden, larner, sheather, cantle, harle, pinfold, sweetman, hoare, andrewes, hasted, fidge, hepworth, orpin, hewer, hopkinson, bester, hendy, prowse, stirk, meacock, piggin, cobbing, heddle, cozens, bodger, kendrew, collop, kneebone, prizeman, otoole, bramley, jodrell, de la mare, boulter, coombe, farmery, warry, crang, mcdowall, biffin, rimmer, hallet, southcott, comyn, isherwood, harlock, tapster, macinnes, hulme, frape, ennew, joll, catchpole, pirie, owler, cuttle, blore.

It started out "wandering aimlessly," and then started "mumbling and grumbling."
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