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Recovered from a Stroke, Part I

I am now feeling like my old self (as I best remember me–my memory still has not fully recovered) and feel I should first write about my experience.

Sunday I noticed a weakening in my pinky and ring finger on my right hand. I paid little attention to it because I could adjust for it by hitting the keys a little harder. Monday morning I noticed my right foot was dragging as I did my morning walk. I quickly put two and two together and my wife, Faye, drove me immediately to the emergency room at Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg.

Now, I knew from teaching neurolinguistcs that hemispheres of the brain control the opposite sides of the body. Since I was having trouble with my right side, I knew that the problem lay in the left hemisphere. Now, here is the rub: the left hemisphere also controls language, both syntax and vocabulary. I was alarmed that I might lose control of my language skills (well, if you want to call them skills).

The CT scan at Evangelical Hospital showed a large “bleed” in the left hemisphere. It was stable, in fact, this one had been preceded by a more ancient one. I was placed in an ambulance and taken to Geisinger Medical Center, about 25 miles away, where there were neurosurgeons.

The subdural hematoma was confirmed there and surgery was scheduled for the next morning: the bleed seemed to be stable.  Early the next morning I was wheeled into the operating room and quickly went to sleep.

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  1. megazver Says:

    I am glad you’re feeling better.

  2. bnjtokyo Says:

    Thank you; I’m looking forward to reading more about your rehabilitation.

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