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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

I am growing weary of saying “Happy Holidays!” to everyone.  I’m from the Christian culture and the holidays for me and my family are Christmas and New Years.  My Jewish friends celebrate Hannukah and New Year’s and I greet them with ‘Happy Hannukah’.  I don’t expect them to abandon their traditions out of fear of the PC police and I am to old and ornery to carry on ignoring mine.

So Merry Christmas to my gentile readers. I hope my Jewish readers had a happy Hannukah and my Muslim readers had a blessed Ramadan. We usually mark those holidays with a relevant Good Word. Next year I hope to find out more about Hindu holidays, so that we can remind ourselves of them, as well.

I have a couple of ideas which I hope to get down in writing during the holidays but tomorrow my wife and I sail off into cloudy skies toward Colorado to be with our sons and their families for the holidays. For that reason, postings may become sparse again.

If you can think of any issues I should address, please feel free to drop me a line via our contact page or my private box in the Alpha Agora.

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  1. Mariah Collins Says:

    Thank you for saying that. Most of my friends are not of a Christian culture, and see no need of trying to change the way we say merry Christmas. We do not say that one who is Jewish “Happy Holidays” we say ‘Happy Hannukah’, and likewise to people of different cultures. It makes me sad to no longer hear people joyfuly shout a Merry Christmas with out having to worry about someone coming to “take them away” as the last press artic i read said about it. I am glad to hear someone else take a stand.

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