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Spamming Report

We have just exceeded the 2 million (2,037,752) pieces of spam filtered from this blog.

5 Responses to “Spamming Report”

  1. Brian Johnson Says:

    Dear Doctor Goodword: It looks like you need to remove posts by VikaAdumpPuh and ban that IP address. These posts look like bait for a porn site but could be trojan horses for viruses, etc. Best regards. B

  2. Robert Beard Says:

    Done. Thanks.

  3. Brian Johnson Says:

    Dear Dr Goodword, At the moment (21:39 in Tokyo) Not removed. VikaAdumpPuh still has posts up.
    The title to all the posts listed in his/her profile is “What is better to choose” and it appears in the following threads:
    Welcome Home, E or A; Etymology, Theory and A Glancing Blow; Grammar, If I were/was and by and Large or by in large; Good Word Suggestions, ballyhoo.

  4. Robert Beard Says:

    Are you talking about the blog or the Agora?

  5. Brian Johnson Says:

    Dear Dr. G, As far as am aware, all the VikaAdumpPuh posts are in the Agora, in the threads mentioned in No.3 above.

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