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One Student Charged with Rioting

One of my first blogs was “Life in the Slow Lane“, a short essay on my life in Lewisburg. Perhaps I shouldn’t have spoken so soon since this past weekend we had a riot downtown. It was reported in the Sunbury Daily Item this morning (no hurry: news doesn’t go away) under the headline above.

My wife and I were downtown watching the parking meter flags pop up at the time of the riot but somehow missed it. Apparently he didn’t spill over onto Market Street.

My first reading of this headline led me to suspect that maybe a riot had charged up an otherwise lethargic student into really digging into his studies. But, no, he actually was the riot under the Lewisburg criminal code if not under the laws of English grammar.

Ho-hum. Another week slips by; another word gains new meaning.

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  2. Stargzer Says:

    A quote from the paper: “The rowdy off-campus party at Bucknell University early Saturday morning may turn out to be a one-man riot.” Somehow, “off-campus” and “at Bucknell” don’t go together in my mind. To paraphrase Tom Wolfe’s “The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test,” you’re either on the campus or off the campus.

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