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100 Funniest Words Book Signing

100 funniest wordsI hadn’t planned to be this delinquent at the blog again but the weekend was complicated by the book signing. None of my academic book publishers offered a signing opportunity or a book publishing party—that isn’t part of their marketing strategy. However, when Murrie A. Zlotziver of the Page After Page bookstore in Lewisburg asked me to do one, I saw it as a new experience and accepted. I was not disappointed.

It was more of a social event when the majority of my friends came and chatted me about their favorite funny words, what makes words funny, etc. At 5:30 we moved the party to the house and opened the champagne.  The party went on way past the 7:30 deadline and was equally as enjoyable, despite losing a few people to the library auction, which began at 7:30. (I donated a signed copy of the book.)

Anyway, I’m back and will have a few more things to say this week.

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