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Life in the Slow Lane Stumbles on

Lewisburg now has a new diner, replete with waitresses that call eveyone “hon.” Like true diners, where the cuisine never exceeds the flavor of the meatloaf, its menu is traditional diner food cooked in traditional diner ways by two recent immigrees from Mexico (no, not Mexico, PA—the original one). Since Lewisburg is a cultural center of Central Pennsylvania, however, our diner has been experimenting with some new creations.

You wouldn’t want to miss the meatloaf cordon bleu: meatloaf with several slices of chopped ham slatered with Cheez Whiz. It could also be called a Philly chopped steak. I tried it and was surprised to discover that it tastes like—last week’s meatloaf. I guess Cheez Whiz doesn’t cover up as much flavor as it once did.

Next time I want to try the Monte Crisco sandwich. They don’t use mayonaise on this one, so it shouldn’t break my diet. And guess what they warm up the meatloaf in.

I thought I would just drop this brief note to let everyone know that life in the slow lane isn’t speeding up.

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  1. Stargzer Says:

    “Lewisburg now has a new diner, replete with waitresses that call eveyone ‘hon.’”

    “Hon?” Sound’s like the the waitresses are from Bawlmer, Merlin. There’s even a Cafe Hon in the Hampden section of Baltimore ( ).

    Fix up your beehive hairdoo & we’ll see you at HonFest in June! ( )

  2. Stargzer Says:

    I forgot to add that I think the crowning glory of a diner is not its meatloaf but its breakfast. Two eggs over easy with homefries, ham or sausage (or scrapple if you’re in the right place; no place ever gives you enough bacon), toast, coffee, and juice. Only down South will you find grits, unfortunately.

    I found a nice diner in Harrisburg 30-some-odd years ago on a business trip, but I don’t think I could find it today. There’s another good one we used to eat at on business trips in Lindhurst, New Jersey, called the Colonial Diner. I never had lunch there, only breakfast (see above with a large 1/4″ thick slice of ham steak, not canned ham), but after reading this review I’d be tempted to drive up there just for lunch! ( ) If you’re ever up near the Meadowlands this is the place to go as far as I’m concerned.

  3. rbeard Says:

    It is hard to beat out diner’s $1.49 breakfast: two eggs any way you want them, bacon, ham or sausage, and homefries. Coffee? You want coffee, too? Ok, only $2.49 a cup.

  4. rbeard Says:

    It is interesting that waitresses in diners up north (from Baltimore to New Yawk) call you “hon” while down South they call you “shug”. In case you’re driving to Florida, you know when you cross the Mason-Dixon Line.

  5. Stargzer Says:

    “In case you’re driving to Florida, you know when you cross the Mason-Dixon Line.”

    That’s because the signs on the roads say “Welcome to Maryland!” Baltimore (and all of Maryland) is SOUTH of Mason and Dixon’s Line! 🙂

    ( )

  6. Betsy Riley Says:

    A “Monty Crisco”? does that mean they fry their Monty Cristo (fried ham and cheese) in vegetable short’ning?
    I’ve seen grits on breakfast buffets in Pennsylvania. When I was a kid they were still called “hominy grits”.

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