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09-09-09 and Days Like That

Cindy Louise Allen, a Facebook friend, posted this question on my ‘wall’: “Is there a word for days like today? 09/09/09?”

999Someone else asked the same question a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to find an answer. At least we know it is not the symbol for the end of the world. Apparently, some have thought that 9/9/9 is, ignoring the slashes, 6/6/6 upside down, 666 being the symbol of Satan and those folks have connected the dots to the end of the world. I can’t see the dots, can find no hard evidence of the existence of Satan, and don’t think he would ignore the 20 that actually stands before the last 09 were I wrong. (I really miss the subjunctive.)

We have one of these days every year, so there should be a word out there somewhere. I haven’t looked all that hard; it is very problematic finding a word from its meaning and this is one I’ve never heard before or at least can’t remember now.

Has anyone else bumped into it?

2 Responses to “09-09-09 and Days Like That”

  1. Cemil Says:

    Cannot say that I have ever heard or read a word that describes this event. It would be something good to have. It takes much longer to describe such an event rather than to just ‘say the word’ and have everybody understand what you are talking about.

  2. The Ridger Says:

    Of course, we don’t have one every year, only the years ending in 1-12, unless you want to lop off the tens digit…

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