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Silly Words in English

This is just a note to alert blog readers that over the week of November 13-18 I will be featuring silly English words, most of which were just too silly to be included in The 100 Funniest Words in English. The five I chose are:

Let us know on the contact page at if I missed your favorite. If we like it, too, we’ll see if we can see if it has a good story and run it in the series.

3 Responses to “Silly Words in English”

  1. Roger Bullard Says:

    I sometimes use the word “sticktoitiveness” because for some weird reason, I just can’t think of the word “perseverance.” It doesn’t come to me when I need it.

  2. Dr. Goodword’s Language Blog » Blog Archive » Origins of Silly Words Says:

    […] Bullard recently commented on my entry Silly Words in English, writing, “I sometimes use the word sticktoitiveness because for some weird reason, I just […]

  3. Karina Ernst Says:

    Those words are truly hilarious. The word thingamabob (which I had never heard of before) made me think of a rather funny German translation for that expression: Not only have Germans different ways of saying “thingy” or the like (Dings, Dingsbums, Dingsda etc.) but you might as well hear them say “Schiess mich tot” –the literal translation being “Shoot me dead”. You wonder why? –I would like to know as well…and by the way why not say “Schlag mich tot” (beat me dead) for a change?

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