alphaDictionary's Wheel of Fortunate Words

alphaDictionary is happy to bring to you another type of word-puzzle to help you develop your lexical acumen and change your fortune: its Wheel of Fortunate Words. game. The encrypted messages on this page test your ability to decipher words in phrases. To help you in decoding the hidden phrases, alphaDictionary provides you with the alphaDictionary Enigma Machine.

This month: the wisdom of Woody Allen.

Simply select a number in the Enigma Machine that corresponds to the letter you wish to guess in the message and press the letter you are guessing on your keyboard. The letter will appear in the appropriate position in the message. (Push the "Help" button for more instructions on how to decode encrypted puzzles.) Look out—these puzzles include punctuation!

Oops! You must use a Java enabled browser to solve these puzzles. Make sure Java is enabled on your browser.

Created with Crossword Express software

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