Word Fun for Web-footed Verbivores

Nothing is more entertaining than human languages. All humans speak a language regardless or their intelligence or IQ. We speak even if we can't speak! If we can't speak or hear, we speak with our fingers and if we can't see, we read our fingers. Fingers work just as well as tongues and lips. The magic is in how much we tell of ourselves when speaking, our minds, our histories, our societies. We generally speak unconsciously; that is, we focus on what we are saying and not how we are saying it. So when we begin examining how we speak (which is what linguistics does), very interesting insights emerge.

On this page we will try to keep you in touch with the websites that explore all the fascinating facets of language. We are starting out small but will grow over time. Keep an eye on us.


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ETYMOLOGY (Word Origins)

  • Where do Words Come From?
    Dr. Goodword's explanation of the ways new words emerge in language.
  • The Online Etymological Dictionary
    An excellent dictionary with etymologies going back to Latin, Greek, and Old Germanic.
  • House of Logorrhea (11,387 arcane words)
    Here is the word list you have all been waiting for: words that have become obsolete for good reason. Still, they each have a small story about our history to tell.
  • Fun Words
    Martha Barnette is a logophiliac with a hatful of words with surprising histories. If you love our Good Words, you will like this website, too.
  • Etymology of Names
    Here is what your name started out meaning.