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Funny Company Names

Freas, Crooks and KahnsYou have seen a few catchy business names like Fine & Dandy Confectioners. They work because people cannot forget such lexically appropriate business partnerships. The problem is that they are rare—too few and far between; our appetite for this sort of humor goes unrequited. The solution to this problem is alphaDictionary's Dr. Goodword, the last word in words on the Internet. He is not limited by reality and offers this page as a home for as many of these funny names as his imagination and yours can create. Come back to see the new entries. When you do, send some of your own to us through our contact page.
Funny Business Partnership Names
by Dr. Goodword & Friends
Curl Up and Dye • Beauty Shop (Thanks to Brie)
Miss Behavior's Family Dog Training (Thanks to Kathy Reilly)
Adie Miles & Auer • Car Tuneups
Bank, Rupp & Baroque • Loans While You Wait
Bright, Light & Powers • Electrical Specialists
Flowers, Bush & Hedges • Landscaping
Cherry, Pitts & Appelman • Purveyors in Fruit
Cook, Books & Hyde • Accountants
Dewey, Cheatam & Howe • Tax Law
Dolittle and Dalley • Efficiency Consultants
The Finn & Haddie Fish Market
Flowers & Boze • Floral Designs
Dustin Hoover Vacuum Cleaners • Our Vacuums Really Suck (Thanks to Mary Gordon)
House & Holmes • Real Estate
Moon, Starr & Sons • Telescopes and Optics
Mudd, Waters & Soeurs • Drainage Systems
The Reid & Wright Learning Centre
The Rich & Sweet Candy Company
Spring & Sommers • Vacation Rentals
Wright, Judge & Jury • Attorneys at Law
Ketchum & Killum • Undertakers (Thanks Cassie Wilson)
Doctors Hakim & Stitch • Surgeons (Thanks Dave Braun)
P. J. Faucet Plumbing Ltd. • Edmonton, Canada (Thanks Garry Staranchuk)
Finagle & Diddle Engineering Works (Thanks Larry Brady)
Howe, Dewey, Cheatem & Wynn • Attorneys at Law (Thanks Larry Brady)
Susan Liddy-Gates • Attorney at Law (Dr. Goodword)
Leaven and Earth Bakery (Thanks to Gail Rallen)
Hyde & Haire Tannery (Dr. Goodword)
Lewis N. Clark, Outdoor Adventures (Thanks to John S. Oliver)
Argue & Phibbs, Solicitors, Sligo, Ireland (Thanks Robert Armstrong)
Levin N. Sinn, Pastor (Thanks to Patti Lamb)
Stan Tall & Bea Best, Physical Therapy (Thanks to Reta Denis)
Mary Annette's Puppet Shop (Dr. Goodword)
White, Sands & Son, Cruise Agents (Thanks to Maxine Davis)
Mount & Ridenour, Horse Rentals (Thanks to Maxine Davis)
Claude McCann, Wild Animal Trainer
Rex Carr's Driving School
Pulley Chiropractic, Des Moines, Iowa (Thanks to A. Hauer)
Earthman Funeral Home, Houston, TX (Thanks to Robert Avakian)
Dr. Ickies, Internal Medicine, Riverhead, LI, NY (Thanks to Robert Avakian)
S. Rumbottle, Liquor Store (Thanks to Larry Brady)
Shylock Graspall, Licensed Pawnbroker (Thanks to Larry Brady)
Peter Pillage, Attorney at Law & Notary Public (Thanks to Larry Brady)
Gavin Lamb and Martin Hogg, Meat Packers (Thanks to R. Dharmarajan)
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