Funny Misspelled Words

It is easy to criticize the English spelling system for inconsistences such as those mentioned here. However, there are real social dangers in misspelling English words; this page demonstrates why. It contains actual instances of misspelled words in term papers, news articles, and elsewhere that give the sentences they occur in totally different meanings. If you know of any more, share them with us through our contact page.

  • NEW! While working for a security firm, Dennis Spradling was given written orders stating, "You are not allowed to except any bribes." [accept]
  • Floods from the Mississippi may be prevented by putting big dames in the river. [dams]
  • Grace Varney's voice broke with emotion as she clutched her toe-headed daughter as her son clung to her side. [tow-headed]
  • Full coarse meals. [course]
  • Every morning my father takes exercises to strengthen his abominable muscles. [abdominal]
  • During peek season the beach is covered with hundreds of bikini-clad beauties. [peak]
  • The pistol of a flower is its only protection against insects. [pistil]
  • Many people believe he was a Satin worshipper. [Satan]
  • In Pittsburgh they manufacture iron and steal. [steel]
  • Carats, two for 39 cents. [carrots]
  • My uncle suffers from sick as hell anemia. [sickle-cell]
  • They gave William IV a lovely funeral. It took six men to carry the beer. [bier]

NEW! From Richard Lederer, American Language Review, 2.5 (1998)

  • Man Arrested for Possession of Heroine
  • Reagan Goes for Juggler in Midwest
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