Laughing Stock

The Joke is on the alphaDICTIONARY Site. Well, the language jokes will be on us. Over the years, many jokes and anecdotes either about language or based on language have crossed our desks. Rather than keep them to ourselves, we have decided to share them with you on the condition that you share any jokes about or depending on language with us. Fair deal? Take a look at our current Laughing Stock and, if we have omitted a language or language-based joke that you like, please send it to us at through our contact page. Be sure to include the author (if you know) and your name as contributor.

Some of these jokes may well go back to the original Proto-Indo-European; however, in case you've missed any, we are not ashamed to post them all. All have a play on words, a twist of meaning or some linguistic quirk! They are not meant as offensive to anyone and are here just on their merits of linguistic risibility. Let us know what you think. We intend to increase our stock as time goes on.

Laughter makes us all live longer!