Limericks by Tom Note

My limericks are all made from scratch.
Sometimes in my brain, they just hatch.
I feel like a troll,
But I get on a roll
And I send in another new batch.

A trapeze artist named Grace
Did an act with her partner Ms. Chase.
But completing a flip
Their hands took a slip,
And sadly Ms. Chase fell from Grace.

A boomerang novice named Jack
Made a bunch that just wouldn't come back.
But he soon got it right
And yelled out in fright
When it hit Jack in the back with a crack.

A flatulent flautist named Fred
Had a big bowl of beans before bed.
Spent a most raucous night
And awoke with a fright
To find Jerry, his canary, was dead.

As the pilot began a nice loop,
He suddenly entered the soup.
As they looped through the cloud,
His copilot yelled loud,
"I think I am going to poop."

A Florida flutist named Matt
Lived in a flat with his cat.
When he blew in the thing
His cat liked to sing,
So he performed with his cat after that.

A senator up for election
In spite of a party defection,
Said with a grin
As the money rolled in,
Loyalty isn't good as connection.

A gentleman bought a new Ford
But his wife was thoroughly bored.
She said with a sneer
As she chugged down a beer
Is this all you could afford?

© 2013 Tom Note. Reprinted by permission