Miss Spelling's Sure Cure for Misspelled Words

alphaDictionary & Spelling. alphaDictionary doesn't just want to make you aware of the most frequently misspelled words in English; we want to help you master the correct spelling. Toward that end, we have consulted someone with a name in the field to help you perfect your spelling.
Hello! Spelling's my name and spelling's my game!Miss Spelling's own little game is based on all the most commonly misspelled words in English as featured on our Reference Shelf. Before taking this test, be sure to review that list of Most Often Misspelled Words so that you know which words pop up in the test.

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Rules of the Game. Select a new word by pressing the "START" button. Choose letters by pressing the letters in the keyboard provided. You are allowed a maximum of five wrong choices. If you fill in all the correct letters before using up your five choices, you win the game.