The Movie Buffet Game®

Smorgasbord Movie Titles
Rules for Playing Off Line

Enjoy a movie title smorgasbord at our Movie Buffet Movie Buffet is fun to play with friends who share your love for motion pictures. For the game to run smoothly you will need (1) a large pad or colored pen board, preferably on an easel so everyone can see the sentence under construction. A laptop with a projection device will work even better. You write the movie titles on whichever device you use, separating them by a dash or some other easily recognizable but unobtrusive symbol. You will also need (2) a score card or pad and (3) a list of legitimate movie titles. (4) You will also need one or two writing utensils for the pad and score card.

  1. Action.
    • Player No. 1 recites a movie name, e.g. The Patriot or A Few Good Men, Invincible, Ready, Willing, and Able. It is best to begin with a noun or adjective or noun or adjective phrase.
    • Player No. 2 may extend this word or phrase with a modifier, e.g. On Golden Pond, or play a verb or verb phrase, e.g. Snatch or Meet the Robinsons.
    • The next player then extends the phrase created by the first two players.
    • AND is the only word that may be used that does not appear in a movie title, Alfie AND Jerry McGuire. Each team may use AND once per sentence. Its use costs one point.
    • A player or team may pass or skip its turn without losing points.
    • Qualifying complete sentences may be (1) nutty complete sentences A Few Good Men - On the Waterfront - Stomp the Yard - With a Vengeance or (2) clauses that could be titles for wacky movies, Irresistable - Twins - Running with Scissors - Into the Woods - Without Warning.
    • A word may be used in any of its senses, even those not intended in the source movie title. For example, Saw refers to a chain saw in the movie title but may be properly used as a verb in a smorgasbord title: Jerry McGuire - Saw - Rocky - On the Waterfront.
    • A sentence is complete when a player or team cannot add another title without making the sentence ungrammatical or when 8 movie titles have been strung together.
    • Each completed sentence constitutes a round.
  2. Scoring: Points and Values.
    • The score is based on the number of words in the sentence created by both teams. Each individual title that fits the sentence is worth 1 point per word in the individual title, e.g. Ghandi is worth one point while On Golden Pond is worth three points.
    • The scorer of Gandhi - Saw - Ghost Riders - Get Shorty - On Golden Pond is worth 25 points (5 x 5) should write under Gandhi Team 1, 1 point, under Saw, Team 2, 1 point; under Ghost Riders, Team 1, 2 points, and so on and so forth.
    • The score is totalled at the end of each round (sentence).
    • A game consists of 8 rounds (sentences). At the end of 8 rounds, the scores are totalled and victor declared!
  3. Challenging.
    • An opposing team may challenge a submitter by asking the name of one of the actors or directors of the movie whose title has been submitted. A correct answer is worth one point. An incorrect answer costs the requester 1 point.
  4. Bluffing.
    • A team may make up a movie title if they are stumped (or not). The bluff title counts 1 point for the team that uses it if the opposing team accepts it. If the opposing team calls the bluff, the bluffing team loses 1 point.
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