Japanese Tongue-Twisters

  • バスガス爆発
    Bus gas explosion
  • 東京特許許可局
    Tokyo Patent Licensing Office (No such office exists.)
  • 貴社の記者は汽車で帰社します。
    Your company's reporter is returning to the office by steam train.
  • 生麦生米生卵
    Raw barley, raw rice, raw egg
  • 庭には二羽鶏がいます。
    There are two chickens in the garden.
  • 隣の客はよく柿食う客だ。
    The guest beside me is a guest who often eats persimmons.
  • 坊主が屏風に上手に坊主の絵を書いた。
    A monk skillfully drew a picture of a monk on a folding screen.