Latin Tongue-Twisters

  • O Tite tute Tati tibi tanta tyranne tulisti!

    O you tyrant, Titus Tatius; such things you made happen! (Ennius, poet)
  • Si itis cum Iesuitis, non cum Iesu itis.

    If you go with the Jesuits, you are not going with Jesus.
  • Te te, ro Ro, ma ma, nu nu, da da, te te, la la, te te!

    Nonsense syllables that also read: Te tero, Roma, manu nuda, date tela, latete!

    I will destroy you, Rome, with my bare hands, arm yourselves and hide!
  • In mari meri miri mori muri necesse est.

    In a sea of delightful wine a mouse may only die.