Russian Tongue-Twisters

  • Пришел Прокоп, кипел укроп.

    (When) Prokop arrived, the dill was boiling.

    —Thank you Loone Ots
  • Мама мыла Милу мылом а Мила мыло не любила.

    Mama washed Mila with soap but Mila didn't like the soap.

    —Thank you Jeremy Busch
  • Шла Саша по шоссе и сосала сушку.

    Sasha was coming down a highway and sucking on a bread-ring.
  • На дворе трава, на траве дрова. Не руби дрова на траве двора.

    In the yard there is grass and on the grass there is firewood. Don't chop firewood on the grass of the yard.
  • Карл у Клары украл кораллы, а Клара у Карла украла кларнет

    Karl stole corals from Klara and Klara stole a clarinet from Karl.
  • Ехал Грека через реку, видит Грека в реке рак. Сунул Грека руку в реку, рак за руку Греку цап!

    Greka (a Greek) was riding across a river, and saw that there was a crayfish in the river. Greka put his hand in the river and the lobster bit his hand.
  • Тридцать три корабля лавировали, лавировали, да не вылавировали.

    Thirty-three ships tacked, tacked, but didn't tack out.
  • Сшит колпак не по-колпаковски. Надо бы колпак переколпаковать, надо перевыколпаковать.

    The cap is sewn noncapways. One has to re-cap the cap, to over-recap it.
  • Цапля чахла; цапля сохла; цапля сдохла.

    Heron had been withering, heron had been pining away, heron kicked the bucket. Repeat quickly multiple times, with the emphasis shifting from the first word over to the second, the fourth, and the sixth.
  • "Расскажите про покупки!" "Про какие про покупки?" "Про покупки, про покупки, про покупочки свои!"

    "Tell me about your purchases!" "What about what purchases?" "About your purchases, your purchases, about your little purchases!"