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Pronunciation: blahg Hear it!

Part of Speech: Noun

Meaning: An open journal or diary kept on a Web page maintained by a person or persons focusing on a particular topic or theme.

Notes: You may verbalize this word at will, and a person who blogs is a blogger. If you are a member of the blog community, you live in Blogistan or up in the Blogosphere. The randomly curious as well as blognoscenti themselves can find a preliminary glossary by clicking here.

In Play: The World Wide Web has become an encyclopedia of the world by the world; even Wikipedia is superfluous. With the blog, the door is open for it to become an encyclopedia of the world's opinions written by the minds holding those opinions: "My friend, the biologist Brooke Trout, writes a bog frog blog about the habits of amphibians in the swamp behind her house."

Word History: Today's good word is a weird clipping of the term weblog "a journal posted on the Web", which first appeared in 1999. Today this word is found in almost all English online dictionaries. As you can see in the Notes above, the word has already spawned a lexicon of its own. It was Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year in 2004. (We would like to thank Good Word editor Paul Ogden, and Eleanora Konwaler, a Good Word subscriber, for insisting that we run today's word.)

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