Genitive Two

There are a few nouns in Russian which take an old form of the genitive which ends on -y. Most of these nouns refer to foods or kinds of cloth and their special genitive form is used only when they are quantified. For example, to say 'the taste of the sugar' in Russian, you would use the normal genitive: вкус сахара; however, to say 'much sugar' the Genitive 2 is used: много сахару.

Some of the most common nouns which are susceptible to the second genitive are: бензин 'gasoline'
горох 'peas'
лук 'onion'
мёд 'honey'
мрамор 'marble'
рис 'rice'
салат 'salad'
сахар 'sugar'
суп 'soup'
сыр 'cheese'
табак 'tobacco'
чай 'tea'
шоколад 'chocolate'
щёлк 'silk'
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1996 Robert Beard