Learn aspect by watching the action! Interactive Java Examples Learn aspect by watching the action!

The verb-of-motion will work with all versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Google Chrome is another matter. To run these exercises on Chrome, you should type in the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi. In the window that opens, click the link that says Enable under the "Enable NPAPI flag". These exercises will not work beyond version 45 in Google Chrome.

The Java exercises are primitive by today's standards and require an old-fashioned Liquid Motion player which will automatically download onto your hard disk in about 15-20 seconds. Both your browser and, for sure, the Java application will note that the version of Java is outdated and ask you whether to proceed. Don't worry about any of the applications on this website and answer all questions "Yes". The player only downloads once and will then be used for all the exercises you choose to do in a particular on-line session.

To start an animation, click anywhere on the picture once it has loaded. The animation demonstrating the verb ΧΕΣΤΙ is exceptional in that you must reload it to restart it. (I don't know why—cybergremlins, I suppose.) When you are familiar with the perfective and imperfective forms of the verbs in the animation, test yourself with the forms exercises below the animation.

These exercises do not run on Google Chrome. In other browsers, when you are given a choice between "run" and "upgrade", choose "run".

Perfective-Imperfective Java Exercises
Why you should stay away from bars.. . .1. Misha always leaves early.
This is the closest Igor comes to culture.. . .2. Igor walks past the Bolshoy Theater.
Igor is on the hydrofoil.  See him?. . .3. A hydrofoil sails in and out of the picture.
Professor Beard is a genius on his feet.. . .4. Professor Beard leaves Catherine's Palace.
He has no idea what the thing behind him is. . . .5. Every evening Igor crosses the street here.
Igor went to a school like this.. . .6. The teacher usually brings the kids to the park.
Was that Igor without his cap?. . .7. Why is he carrying the girl?

Now that you have seen how the prefixed verbs of motion are used and tested your ability to recognize the various senses of the Russian aspects, next try your hand at actually using the forms in some JavaScript exercises.

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