About the Java Exercises
The Java exercises in Robert Beard's On-line Russian Grammar start simply by clicking the background graphic. They may be restarted in the same fashion. Remember: every time you click the picture, the animation will restart. Because of sequencing peculiarities in the vesti exercise, it may only be restarted by reloading the page. You do that by pushing the browser's 'reload' or 'refresh' button. You may need to push the button twice to reset the animation. The outdated Java programming language has several quirks which have to be worked around. One is that it only recognizes a few fonts and none of them are Cyrillic. Moreover, Liquid Motion has not been supported since Microsoft bought it in the late 90s. Your version of Java may notice this and warn you about it. Just accept the risk and click "Run" and don't worry: it will run and cause no harm to your computer.

Perfective-Imperfective Java Exercises
Igor went to a school like this.   1. The teacher usually brings the kids to the park.
Was that Igor without his cap?   2. Why is he carrying the girl?
Why you should stay away from bars.  3. Misha always leaves early.
This is the closest Igor comes to culture.  4. Igor walks past the Bolshoy Theater.
Igor is on the hydrofoil.  See him?  5. A hydrofoil sails in and out of the picture.
Professor Beard is a genius on his feet.  6. Professor Beard leaves Catherine's Palace.
He has no idea what the thing behind him is.   7. Every evening Igor crosses the street here.

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