Prepositional Two

There are a few nouns in Russian which take an old form of the prepositional which ends on accented -y/ю when accompanied by the locative prepositions в and на. For example, to say 'about the garden' in Russian, you would use the normal prepositional ending -e: о саде; however, to say 'in the garden' the Prepositional 2 is used: в саду.

Some of the most common nouns which are susceptible to the second prepositional ending are: бал 'ball (dance)'
берег 'shore'
бок 'side'
ветер 'wind'
вид 'view'
глаз 'eye'
год 'year'
жар 'fever'
лес 'woods'
лоб 'forehead'
мир 'world'
мост 'bridge'
нос 'nose'
пол 'floor'
порт 'port'
рот 'mouth'
сад 'garden'
снег 'snow'
угол 'corner'
шкаф 'cabiner'
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  • accent always falls on this ending when Prepositional 2 is used;
  • prepositional 2 is only used with the prepositions в 'in' and на 'on' and never with o 'about'.

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