Participles are verbs used as adjectives to modify nouns.

The Present Passive Participles

Flower The Form Flower

Present passive participles, too, are formed only from imperfective verbs, since they refer to an activity which is currently taking place or which repeatedly takes place. The simplest way to form the present passive participle is to begin with the 1st person plural form of the verb and simply add the adjective endings to it—no suffix is necessary. Thus, if "we read" is (мы) читаем the present passive participle of читай- then is читаемый "being read". The present passive participles of люби- is derived from (мы) любим in the same way: любимый, любимая, любимое, любимые "beloved, favorite".

The accent falls on the same syllable of first conjugation verbs as it does in the first person plural. However, for second conjugation verbs, it falls on the same syllable as it does in the 1st person singular: произвожу, производим : производимый "being produced".

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The present passive participle has two major functions.

1st Plural Gloss Participial Adjective Gloss
выносим we bear (не)выносимый (un)bearable
промокаем we soak непромокаемый waterproof
забываем we forget(не)забываемый (un)forgettable
обходим we go around (не)обходимый (un)avoidable
объясним we'll explain (не)объяснимый (un)explicable

Flower Some Examples Flower

Notice in the following examples that, unlike English which allows participial phrases only after the noun they modify, participial phrases in Russian may be placed before or after the noun.

машина, которую производят в России
the car that is produced in Russia
машина, производимая в России
the car (being) produced in Russia
о сцене, которая описывается в книге
the scene, which is described in the book
о сцене описываемой в книге
the scene described in the book
условия, которые все требуют
conditions that everyone demands
всеми требуемые условия
conditions demanded by everyone
газета, которую читает молодёжь
the paper that young people read
читаемая молодёжью газета
the paper read by young people

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Type in the correct form of the participle below, then push the button to check your answer. Click here for font information.

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Основа Ваш ответ Проверьте Правильно?
делай- (делать)
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покупай- (покупать)
произноси- (произносить)
определяй- (определять)
читай- (читать)
отражай- (отражать)
освещай- (освещать)
обходи- (обходить)
публик(ова) (публиковать)
собирай- (собирать)
терпе- (терпеть)

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