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  • quarter
    ( n ) A 25-cent piece. Give me a quarter; I need to make a telephone call.
  • quarterback
    ( v ) To lead. Who is going to quarterback the meeting?
  • queen
    ( n ) A male homosexual. He is a lovely old queen who would do anything for you.
  • queeny
    ( adj ) Effeminate; girlish. He's so queeny, when he dances, he wiggles his hips like a girl.
  • queer
    ( n ) A homosexual. He is a queer with an odd perspective on life.
  • queer
    ( adj ) Counterfeit. Watch him; he's known for passing queer money.
  • quits
    ( adj ) Even with, free of obligation Myrtle and I are quits: she's leaving me and I'm leaving her.

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