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  • vamoose
    ( v ) To leave. Come on, partners. Let's vamoose.
  • vege out
    ( vp ) To do nothing. I want to vege out in front of the television this evening.
  • vegetate
    ( v ) To do nothing. I don't feel like doing anything; I think I'm going home and vegetate tonight.
  • veggie
    ( n ) Vegetable. The meal was OK but you don't get many veggies with the meat.
  • vibes
    ( n ) Feeling, sense of something. I get good vibes from the new secretary.
  • vid
    ( n ) A memory. I got a vid of you falling down the steps!
  • vigorish
    ( n ) High interest on a loan. He got the money from a loan shark who charged him 10% a day in vigorish.
  • vitals
    ( n ) Important information. Yo, can you give me the vitals on Jims party?
  • vogues
    ( n ) Wide wheels. I saw him last night driving on a new set of vogues.

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